Our Story


Our Story


We had no idea, our willingness to be authentic, would create a desire for change in others. Watching people experience the adventure themselves, we knew we were created for greater things!

So once again, we became aware of our past. This awareness empowered us to accept our current position in life, and with that acceptance, clarity came to our new responsibilities. We took immediate action, and continued to position our lives for change, while surrendering the results to INFINITE POSSIBILITIES!

Jason Vosler

Jason Vosler

Jason Vosler specializes in taking anyone from the deep depths of sorrow and devastation, to a new-found life of purpose, and restoration. His extensive knowledge and personal life experience enables him to assess, and access the clients core issue; while empowering the individual, to take daily practical action, resulting in complete LIFE TRANSFORMATION.

Having overcome addictions in his own life, Jason has a unique power, of communicating real-life skills, that simply cannot be taught in the traditional classroom setting. The Adonai Restoration curriculum, is one that Jason conceptualized, implemented, and continues to advance. Whether one-to-one, through media, or live on stage, Jason's ability, to communicate authentically, is known for positioning individuals, families, and organizations, for a LIMITLESS SPECTRUM of MEANING and PURPOSE through LIFE-ALTERING experiences.

Jason’s professional experience includes, leading the largest in-house addiction treatment facility on the east coast, in addition to rewriting their six-month recovery module for 140 participants. Jason's leadership, management, and communication experience, has been tried and tested, from every platform this world has offered.

A TALENTED and PASSIONATE communicator, Jason is available for speaking engagements, conferences, and seminars, covering topics from: Life-Restoration, Authentic Community, Strategic Crisis Management, Authentic Communication, Authentic Marriage and more. He is also available for consulting opportunities, with regards to: Group Management, Group Educational Programs, Addiction Programs, Client Education, and more.

On a more personal level, Jason is available for: Strategic Crisis Interventions; as well as, Individual and Family Counsel, either in-person or online.

Robin Vosler

Robin Vosler

Robin Vosler has been well-respected in the Tampa Bay business community for more than a decade and recognized for her philanthropic efforts and her contributions to the community.

Robin’s first company, Relations PR & Marketing, was acquired by the largest independently owned public relations firm in the Southeast in September 2009. Her firm built an impressive local and national client roster including several high profile clients from Super Bowl XLIII, and French|West|Vaughan saw an opportunity to become engrossed in the Tampa Bay community through Relations’ past efforts.

Robin opened Adonai, LLC the following year, a boutique integrated communications firm that focuses on providing public relations, marketing and social media to companies of all sizes. Robin was honored as one of the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s “30 Under 30” in 2007, and was named one of Tampa Bay’s 100 Most Influential Business Leaders by Tampa Bay CEO Magazine in 2009. She was also chosen by Cadillac as a Woman of Influence in the Tampa Bay area. Robin received the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s “Up and Comers Award” in 2010, and additionally was the first person inducted into the Business Journal’s Hall of Fame. Most recently, Robin was recognized as one of the Gulf Coast Business Review’s “40 Under 40” which spans eight counties on the West Coast of Florida. She was also a finalist for the Tampa Bay Business Journal's prestigious BusinessWoman of the Year Awards. Robin was voted Favorite PR Professional in the Tampa Bay Business Journal's Best in the Biz Reader's Choice Awards.

Since being diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer in March of 2015, Robin’s life has completely changed. Her primary attention immediately transitioned to her health, cancer treatments, surgeries, while still focusing on her then 18-month-old son Cross. Today, Robin is back to full health, and genuinely thankful for her journey and everything she learned through having breast cancer.

Robin has always been dedicated to helping others, from her days of inspiring public relations interns to now mentoring other young mothers and women going through cancer and meeting with women from all walks of life going through various transitions in their lives. Robin is most excited about this new adventure she and Jason are on together helping anyone and everyone with complete life restoration.